Bee Removal Melbourne

Are you looking for quality bee removal Melbourne? If so, then you have come to the right place. The Bee Wrangler is a registered beekeeper. I specialise in controlling and removing bees and wasps in both the residential and commercial settings. I offer a few different options when it comes to bee removal. The good news is that I can often times take care of your bee problem in just a few hours, and can usually offer same day service. Best of all, my services are guaranteed. I am sure that I can get rid of your bees and wasps!

Our Difference

I offer a range of different services than many of the other pest control companies in the area. As a registered bee-keeper, I specialise in bees and wasps. I know how to get rid of them with fast, clean, humane, and eco friendly services. I also offer options. If you don't want to have the bees exterminated, I will capture them and physically remove them from your property whenever possible. Not many of the other pest control companies out there can say this!

Call Today for Pricing and Service Info

Do you need to get rid of some bees? If you do, then you should call me today. I can come out myself to assess the situation. I will then discuss the course of action that needs to be taken. I will offer my professional advice on how best to deal with the problem, and treatment or removal can take place immediately. I offer competitive rates so that people in the Melbourne area find us to be an affordable option for bee removal Melbourne. Don't delay, call us today!

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